Saturday, February 11, 2006

Update 2

Well folks I'm sure you're dieing to know more about the great cottage upgrade! Well Heine got all my insides tested and guess what???? Good news!!! I don't have any STDs! Oh wait, I mean, I don't have any asbestos!!!! So now everyone can feel safe to tear out my walls, ceiling, floor, etc, and only worry about the mold and spiders.

Speaking of Heine, he's gotten back into action and has been continuing to rip up the floor in the back bedroom. Apparently its pretty wet under there which is kind of a concern. Hopefully the big drainage ditch he got those guys of questionable citizenship to dig around me will help prevent that in the future.

In other news Adam and Nick are totally moved out, or at least they live somewhere else now and have taken most of their stuff out. The big question now becomes what to do with all the furniture around here. Toss it? Keep it? Put it in a museum? Not sure yet but I think the big old weird yellow-ish couch is soon to be with us no more. Jamie reportedly has dibs on the coffee table. Let Heine and Janaki know if you want any of the other crap!

For now that's all but if the rumors are true there will be a lot more getting done real soon. Pictures should be up soon also. Until next time, Party On!!!


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