Sunday, December 24, 2006


I'm barely alive. You see, most of me has been ripped out, leaving only the viable parts of the foundation, the fireplace, some of the metal frame, and the roof. As the workers removed more and more of me, they realized that less and less of what remained could be re-used. A quick rundown of what's been happening:

- Heine has hired workers to finish the demolition and rebuild me. They've taken everything out and as they went ripped out more and more stuff. Now there's not much of the original me left:

- It was discovered that the foundation on the east side was pretty much ruined. They've had to frame out and pour a new foundation:

- They're starting to prepare a new frame, by adding wood on top of the metal that sits on the foundation. Eventually this wood will serve as a frame for the new walls:

- There's a crapload of debris. It's been piled outside by the stoop and the path. Heine and Jamie have been taking some of the metal to the recycling center, but now that the whole metal frame from the floor has been removed, there's too much metal to take it all there. Everything else is going into a dumpster that Heine had delivered:

So there's a lot going on. All the recent pictures are here. Another post soon to talk about the design.


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