Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Update 3

So a lot has happened since the last update. Heine finally got around to tearing up the floor in the dining area. He then hired somebody to fix my foundation, which was basically crumbling in a few places. Here's a shot of the new foundation:

Heine's also been experimenting with how to put up new siding. He's come up with a few different ways to attach things to my metal frame. One of them involves screwing 2x4s into the gap between the L shaped pieces. Hard to describe. Here's a picture to show the idea:

In this next picture you can sort of see the trench that was dug all the way around to keep water out:

So things are moving along. I feel much better now that my foundation is fixed (although I still am a little slanted). The next step is to continue ripping out all the wall and ceiling panels near the doorway so Heine can figure out how to attach siding and how to make the siding flush with the roof. There's a lot of demolition to be done (Jamie says feel free to come help any time).

More recent pictures are here.

I'm back

Well, it's been quite a while since I last posted. Things took some time to get going but there's been some real action recently. Pretty soon I'll have a full status update and new pictures. Stay tuned!